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Careless white Honda car driver number plate G 03 C3232 damaged car

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Looking for information on the lady driver of a large white Honda car with number plate G 03 C3232 who has caused a lot of damage to another vehicle with her careless driving. The white honda car tried to overtake from the wrong side at caculo circle , near broadway book store, St inez, panaji,goa and damaged the front side of a maruti car at around 5.40 pm on 19.11.2016, saturday. She did not bother to stop .
The lady car driver had tied her hair in a pony tail and was accompanied by a man in the front seat of the car. The driver of the car which has been damaged, a senior citizen, is looking for contact details of the white honda car owner with number plate c3232 . If any details can be provided to, it will be appreciated

Tyres and accidents

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If the tyre is punctured or not functioning properly, it can cause an accident. Hence before buying, selling or renting a car, it is advisable to spend some time checking if the tyre is punctured or there is any problem with the tire.
Most auto shops and garages have specialized tools to check if there is any problem with the car or vehicle tyre, to find out if there is a puncture. They will only charge a nominal amount to detect the car puncture, however repairing can be more expensive

Vehicle mileage and expenses

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Though owning a vehicle is considered a status symbol in some small towns, a major factor to be considered is the mileage of the vehicle. Older and larger vehicles usually have a lower mileage due to lower fuel efficiency and more fuel will be needed to cover the same distance. However it is more safe to use larger vehicles as the occupant is less likely to get hurt in case of an accident.
For a vehicle, the total expenses include the cost of the vehicle, fuel cost and other expenses like insurance, license, maintenance fees, time , effort in driving the vehicle. If the person is not likely to use the vehicle at all, it is better to hire a vehicle for a short time, it can be cost effective.

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Mileage of old cars

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In general newer models of cars and other vehicles have better mileage as technology has ensured that less fuel will be required to drive the vehicle over the same distance in similar conditions. So while a decade or more ago, most cars had a mileage of 15 km per hour or less, in 2016, there are several models of cars which promise a mileage of more than 20 km per hour.
Additionally the air pollution caused by the new models of the cars is also less compared to older models.
So in cities where pollution levels are higher, older vehicles are not allowed entry or restricted.
Additionally incentives may be offered to vehicle owners to upgrade their older vehicles and get newer models of cars and vehicles.

Fuel efficiency and safety

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Though the two wheelers like motorcycles and scooters are extremely fuel efficient with their mileage exceeding 60 km per liter, one of the greatest disadvantage remains safety. The death in April 2016 of a school principal Pradyna Prabhu in Panaji, Goa due to an accident caused by a truck again highlighted the problem faced by two wheeler drivers in goa.
A pedestrian walking on the road or foot path is walking slowly and can take suitable precautions to stay away from large vehicles on the road who are posing a threat to their safety. On the other hand, those who are riding a smaller vehicle like a scooter or motorcycle are forced to drive at a relatively high speed and find it difficult to avoid the larger vehicles like trucks, causing accidents.

If the victim was travelling in a car, her life may have been saved, as the car shell would have protected her. So though scooters and motorcycles are cost effective in terms of mileage, if safety is the main consideration, a car with far lower mileage is the better choice.

Scooter mileage more than 60 km/l

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It appears that scooters are popular vehicles in small towns because their mileage is far higher than other vehicles, especially car. Most cars advertise average 15 to 25 km per liter while scooters are advertised as having a mileage of more than 60 km per liter,

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Hitech torture of obc engineer makes it impossible to get driving license in panaji, goa

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The harmless single woman obc engineers knows that she will not be able to get any kind of driving license in panaji, goa till the problem is solved, because when these criminal officials stalking, torturing her, know that she will be doing any predictable activity they will focus the beam intentionally on her so that she endures great pain, which will leave her crippled for nearly 72 hours.
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Taxi rate, mileage and taxes

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In the indian internet sector, officials want to falsely claim that domain investors are providing a service and are avoiding paying taxes to harass, cheat and exploit them. In reality if at all, service tax has to be imposed, it should be only on the service part. For example for a taxi from Mumbai airport to a suburb, a taxi service will charge around 5% of the fare as service tax, instead of the 14.5% standard service tax, as the fuel cost and investment in the vehicle are also a major part of the expenses of providing the taxi cab service.
The actual profit made by the cab owner will also depend on the fuel efficiency or mileage of the vehicle, whether an ac or non ac cab will be hired, condition of vehicle including tyres .
When a domain investor is selling an expensive domain, they are not providing a service, yet large corporates in the indian internet services will make fake allegations that he or she is providing a service to force them to pay a large amount and face losses.

Mining truck strike and mileage

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Though mining has resumed in goa after a long time, the amount of iron ore being transported was adversely affected due to a disagreement between the mine owners and truck owners transporting the ore. The mine owners wanted to pay Rs 8 per km for transporting , while the truck owners wanted Rs 12 per km. Till a settlement was reached the mine owners were transporting the iron ore using their own truck.
This again highlighted the importance of the mileage of the truck or vehicle used for transportation. The truck owner has to pay many expenses
– fuel cost
– salaries to the truck driver
– maintenance of the truck
– taxes and other expenses
– interest on investment in truck

The fuel cost will depend on the mileage of the vehicle and if the vehicle or truck has better mileage, the owner can make more profit. So the fuel efficiency of the truck can be a major factor to be considered while selecting the truck model at the time of purchase.