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Buses, profit and mileage

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In goa, the rickshaw drivers are charging a very high amount for short distances, at least Rs 40 or Rs 50 due to which commuters are forced to consider other modes of transport,
It is interesting to note that though the rickshaw drivers are charging a high fee, the bus fares in goa are reasonable starting at rs 8, though most of the buses are private buses which do not receive any kind of subsidy.
Most of the private buses have a seating capacity of approximately 30 passengers, yet there are many buses on the panaji route from miramar to panaji bus stand, a distance of about 7 km. This clearly indicates that the buses are making approximately Rs 300 per trip or more, as the mileage of the buses wil be 15 km per liter or more.

Comparing rickshaw fares in Goa, Mumbai

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Though the rickshaws in Mumbai and Goa are similar in design, and features, there is a major difference in the rickshaw fares.
In Mumbai, the minimum fare in january 2018 was rs 18 , while in goa the minimum is Rs 40 ( usually Rs 50)
For even a small distance of a 1.5 km, they will charge Rs 50, sometimes asking for Rs 60
As a result, many people prefer to use their own vehicle, use a bus or walk the distance, especially for shorter distances, resulting in lower volumes for the rickshaw drivers
If the fares were more reasonable, more people would be taking a rickshaw in goa.
The fuel efficiency of the rickshaws in most cities is likely to be similar, so why is there so much difference in rates.

OK KM – Vehicles fuel consumption, fuel efficiency, design, different fuels

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Vehicles fuel consumption, fuel efficiency, design, different fuels
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