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Mileage of Toyota Fortuner is fairly low

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The broke domain investor who is a victim of identity theft by ntro, raw, cbi, state and central government of india can only watch people drive past in their expensive vehicles, often breaking traffic rules, without being question or punished by the corrupt dishonest security and intelligence agencies who are falsely labelling the harmless domain investor as a security threat without any proof at all

One of the most dangerous and reckless drivers in panaji, was spotted driving a silver grey Toyota fortuner with number plate E9942 on the lake view colony main road, in campal, panaji, goa at around 5.55 pm on 31 October 2018
The driver of the vehicle was driving so fast, that no one on the footpath could even spot the person driving the vehicle.

While there are many two wheeler drivers who are overspeeding, it is not very dangerous because the vehicle is small, and people crossing the road can easily avoid the two wheeler.
However the Toyota Fortuner is a very large and heavy vehicle weighing more than 1900 kg, it is very difficult to avoid the vehicle, especially if it is driven well beyond the speed limit.
Campal area is under aerial surveillance and the footage of the reckless driver should be available with security agencies.

The vehicle costs approximately Rs 30 lakh which is far more than the cost of other vehicles, so the driver may be very arrogant. Hence action should be taken against the reckless driver of the silver grey Toyota Fortuner E9942 at the earliest, his or her driving license should be suspended at the earliest.
It is hoped that the traffic sentinels, especially in panaji, goa keep a look out for the reckless driver of the silver grey Toyota Fortuner E9942 , issue a challan at the earliest, and ensure that the vehicle is never driven recklessly in future.

With a cost of Rs 30 lakh, and annual insurance Rs 1 lakh, the Toyota Fortuner is a very expensive vehicle to own. So the broke domain investor wanted to find out if had any quality to compensate for the very high cost. however the mileage of the vehicle is only 10-15 km/liter which is far less than the mileage of other vehicles