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Fuel efficiency and safety

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Though the two wheelers like motorcycles and scooters are extremely fuel efficient with their mileage exceeding 60 km per liter, one of the greatest disadvantage remains safety. The death in April 2016 of a school principal Pradyna Prabhu in Panaji, Goa due to an accident caused by a truck again highlighted the problem faced by two wheeler drivers in goa.
A pedestrian walking on the road or foot path is walking slowly and can take suitable precautions to stay away from large vehicles on the road who are posing a threat to their safety. On the other hand, those who are riding a smaller vehicle like a scooter or motorcycle are forced to drive at a relatively high speed and find it difficult to avoid the larger vehicles like trucks, causing accidents.

If the victim was travelling in a car, her life may have been saved, as the car shell would have protected her. So though scooters and motorcycles are cost effective in terms of mileage, if safety is the main consideration, a car with far lower mileage is the better choice.