Hitech torture of obc engineer makes it impossible to get driving license in panaji, goa

The harmless single woman obc engineers knows that she will not be able to get any kind of driving license in panaji, goa till the problem is solved, because when these criminal officials stalking, torturing her, know that she will be doing any predictable activity they will focus the beam intentionally on her so that she endures great pain, which will leave her crippled for nearly 72 hours.
when she last tried to get a driving license in panaji, goa in July, August 2012 , the cruel criminal officials posted in panaji, goa were able to focus the microwave radiation beams on her 45 minutes continuosly to cause great pain. Usually when she is being attacked by these criminal government employees, she will leave the area within a few minutes at the most to reduce the damage to her body. However when she is paying for driving license, she will be taking a predictable route, which was used by criminal officials to torture her, causing great pain, memory loss, and unable to do anything for 72 hours.

So the engineer has to decide, ruin her body or get a driving license, or first find out the names, designation of the criminal indian government employees involved in the stalking and human rights abuses,