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Mining truck strike and mileage

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Though mining has resumed in goa after a long time, the amount of iron ore being transported was adversely affected due to a disagreement between the mine owners and truck owners transporting the ore. The mine owners wanted to pay Rs 8 per km for transporting , while the truck owners wanted Rs 12 per km. Till a settlement was reached the mine owners were transporting the iron ore using their own truck.
This again highlighted the importance of the mileage of the truck or vehicle used for transportation. The truck owner has to pay many expenses
– fuel cost
– salaries to the truck driver
– maintenance of the truck
– taxes and other expenses
– interest on investment in truck

The fuel cost will depend on the mileage of the vehicle and if the vehicle or truck has better mileage, the owner can make more profit. So the fuel efficiency of the truck can be a major factor to be considered while selecting the truck model at the time of purchase.